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The Pier Pointe Resort is fortunate to have several tiers of coral reef which paralell the shore. By swimming out a distance equal to the length of the Pier, snorkelers or scuba divers have access to a reef system which runs for many miles, maintaining an average depth of 10 to 15 feet deep. This first reef line is home to an amazing diversity of macro sized reef creatures, as well larger reef dwelers like sting rays, nurse sharks, parrot fish and the other tropicals divers usually expect to find in places like the Florida Keys. Unlike the Keys, here you can swim out a short distance to the reef for free, and stay as long as you like! For scuba divers who desire a deeperreef with bigger fish, a swim out about 75 yards beyond the first reef line brings you to the 20 to 25 foot deep reef line, which promises enough adventure to keep most divers happy for many weeks worth of diving. While most divers who stay at the Pier Pointe enjoy a combination of Charter Boat diving and beach diving, and we encourage this to aquaint our guests to the spectacular Shipwreck Diving Fort Lauderdale is world famous for, our beach diving is considered a dive destination by itself by thousands of divers. Also unique about snorkeling and scuba diving here at Pier Pointe Resort is the protection afforded by the Pier itself---which keeps boats out of the first reef line, this protection from boats is invaluable. While the Pier does afford protection from boaters, you are still required to tow a divers down flag, so please bring one with you when you dive here!

To give you an idea of the type of marine life you can experience on a beach dive from the Pier Pointe Resort, we have created a slide show for you which follows. Everything you see here in part one was photographed on our first reef line, and is easily seen by snorkel or scuba.

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